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Hello Mr Le Meur. I was wondering if, as a B-List commentator of the Le Web conference last december, I may deserve some deja-écrit press note from you in my comments, even much smaller than the one spammed in some A-List italian bloggers.

Hello, I don’t understand Italian but I explained myself at that time here:

I always said in public for 6 months I was supporting him before the conference, invited all 3 candidates at the conference and 2 came along with Shimon Peres. Sarkozy spoke for less than 20 minutes on a two day and 70 speakers conference. If Mr Bayrou the other candidate would not have come I would not have had Mr Sarkozy alone on stage.

It is true that two months after the conference I agreed to help him more on his online campaign, I don’t know what is wrong with that but I am happy to talk about it wih you.

I must confess I’m really mad about two things in my life:

  1. Mistakes in Press Launches: please fix “wih” with “with” for more launches.
  2. Hearing people saying “you” when they’re not really talking to anybody.

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