Better to lose a friend than a good joke


I was born in Rome on the night of the moon landing.
All my life I have oscillated between the humanistic and the technical-scientific side, often managing to overlap them.
I am graduated in Literature with a thesis on Combinatorial Literature, in which I extensively investigate the subject of the creativity of restrictions, from Mannerism to Roussel, Queneau, Perec and Calvino. Work that was made immediately available on a website, enjoying a wide diffusion and a lasting influence in the studies on this topic.

During my PhD I was struck by the Internet, and for twenty years I have been professionally dealing with Information Technology, for example with accessibility for disabled people or applications for professional translators (if you are interested in this professional side of mine, take a look at my dev website).
Over time I have maintained contact with writing between blog and critical essays.

In recent years I have started writing stories for film and TV: an ongoing path aiming first at the complete expression of my imaginary, then at the constant refinement of my skills in conception, development, writing and marketing of my stories, finally to the achievement of an ever greater relevance of my projects on the national and international market.