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A Study in White

TV SeriesComedy, Crime

He grew up in a bubble of holiness, sheltered from earthly experiences.
Now he preaches to the crowds using words that come from above.
How can he be asked to take away the sins of the world he doesn’t even know?

So when the Master comes across some crimes he soon becomes passionate about investigation. Here is the opportunity for an apprenticeship on human passions, allowing him to develop his own opinions and a distinct individuality.

He sucks as a detective, from inexperience: always on the wrong track, following the most grotesque insights. But with one final resource provided by his superpowers, a foolproof investigative method: taking his own life, just to wake up in heaven and sneak into his Father's study, to activate the screen He uses to review the life of mortals for final judgment. Once the criminal episode is cleared up, he can reincarnate and publicly solve the case.

The fame of his miraculous investigative skills spreads, from all over Palestine they rush to propose new cases, distracting him from preaching. Concern is growing among his disciples, some "career" ones, others investigating him.

To protect his final mission he must keep secret his back and forth with heaven, which inevitably ends up leaking among new mystical disciples in contact with the afterlife, eyewitnesses to his deaths and traitor confidants. In each of his raids in heaven he is forced to admit new blessed with him to the study, which dangerously begins to look like a movie theater.


  • a satire on dogmatic religion
  • a parody of the Crime genre
  • a dramedy on how to grow our own personality out of the imposed


  • a show on human passions and emancipation from every dogma


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it - 9pp
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en - 9pp