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TV SeriesDrama, Sci-Fi

Stories of Diminished Reality.

FOCUS is a new hi-tech invisible device allowing you to choose what’s in your world: it enable a sensory experience of reality filtered through “subtraction layers” for every user need, available in a marketplace.

Originally launched as a tool for helping concentration, its opening to personalized filters multiplied profits but uncovered a Pandora's box. Focus was soon used to expel unwanted portions of reality from our experience, indulging fears, neuroses and frustrations: to hide unwelcome people or situations, for racial normalization or to desexualize the interlocutors, create artistic or playful experiences of subtraction, relieve neurosis or eliminate information overload.

The series tells the success of the controversial startup through the stories of its two founders, who were also marked by a deprivation that later determined their fortunes:
Rick Sansone, former head of a leader augmented reality company, was forced to resign for accidentally killing an employee. A secret deal orchestrated by his co-founder protected him in exchange for a huge compensation for the widow, Christine, and a ban on working in augmented reality in the future: a condition that he will always call the "commandment": do not increase!

His revenge will be made possible precisely by the creative reaction to this restriction: Christine is persuaded to finance the new "diminished reality" startup.

From the mysterious Focus Pocus headquarters, Sansone drive his ascent through many obstacles: the FBI investigations on the effects of Focus; the sabotage of the hacker network built up by Jaime, Christine's son; the legal war of his former partner; the investigation of a journalist into the incident; the accumulation of enemies along the way. Antagonists who will be forced to join forces along the way.

The series poses urgent questions about our society:

  • Is technology that bad? Or is it just a tool that we have to learn to manage?
  • What are the limits we should place on our unbridled ambition?
  • What's in our world that is so solid that it can't be suddenly swept away by an innovation?
  • To what extent should we limit people's freedom and desire of expression?
  • Do we have the right to control how others perceive us?
  • How will we all still see the same world when we can choose what to see?


  • Vision, first of all: a whole universe of unprecedented, unforgettable and unmistakable visual experiences to offer to the spectators.
  • A majestic history of innovation, which offers a broad view on the world of technology startups and its legal, commercial, political, socio-economic dynamics.
  • A unique sci-fi starting point, which presents in a realistic and detailed way a new exciting and plausible technology, perfectly futuristic.
  • An original dramatic architecture weaving complex relationships between vivid characters, with rich and well-defined personalities, recognizable objectives, interesting value oppositions and in constant dynamic development.
  • A reflected but revealing light on today's society and its contradictions, on the ballast of the past awaiting a resolution and on the conventions and structures of the present that could be swept away tomorrow by a black swan.
  • A new world offered to the spectators, all to be rethought. However, governed by the same impulses of the known world. It is therefore investigated in its implications on real people’s skin and on the moral and philosophical questions that ensue.


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