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FeatureDrama, Fantasy

Persistence is a story about our huge adaptability to change, told through the lens of fantasy, which emphasizes our abilities, helping us to become aware of them.

EDO, the protagonist, wakes up every day of his life in a substantially changed reality, between different faces and stories, with no chance of prediction or control. Trying to make the identity in which he wakes up coexist with the other, the persistent one, which accumulates the memories of previous days lived in other lives.

We follow him as a boy as he explores his condition, facing anger and deresponsibilization, but managing to overcome the feeling of helplessness, proposing to learn as much as possible from the multiplicity of situations in which he has fallen.

Two recurring female figures will stabilize him: Greta, a little sister who suddenly appeared on his way to stay, but who will never buy his "stories", and Serena, a particularly enterprising schoolmate, who instead will believe him immediately and for a lifetime against all evidence.

At 35 Edo has learned to build a sense and a stable identity, favoring the persistent one. The mirror only now gives him back always the same face. Serena awake the dilemma of paternity, which he refuses for fear of passing on his condition to his son, and for the nightmare of having to raise a different child every day.

Edo manages to develop his own professional ethics although he carries out different jobs every day. He faces the melancholy transience of relationships, the rare curiosity of the media, a return from the past that upsets his positivity.

The crisis caused by the frustrated efforts to control finally leads him to accept the idea of a child, through whose eyes he will be able to understand how his condition is not so far from normal.

RIFF 2020 EN
Citta di Como 2021 EN


Pitch (soggetto + note)
it - 15pp
Soggetto (formato standard)
it - 14pp
Sceneggiatura - Esempio di scena
it - 4pp
Pitch (Treatment + Notes)
en - 15pp
en - 13pp