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Villafuera is a border town cut by an imaginary Italian-Spanish state border. Its two mayors continue the historic rivalry between the communities by competing for a beautiful European official on a mission, in a challenge without rules that will overturn the borders of nations and the lives of citizens.

Ernesto perfectly embodies the unscrupulous character of the Spanish city, but must hide the corruption ramping up in its council.

Santo, elected repeatedly with every different political hue, makes up his inability to stop the decline of the Italian side with his irresistible sympathy. He's hampered by a crowd of useless officials hired for political convenience.

Frida was sent to preside over a European Concorde Party, which failed miserably. She is forced to stay in the city to mend relations between the parties, dodging the advances of the two mayors, from which, however, she unexpectedly ends up feeling flattered. But the only way she knows to express feelings is to give money.

The pandemic breaks through, pushing the two governments to proclaim a lockdown and closure of borders. Frida, confined to a dependance of Ernesto's apartment, is grappling with the contradictory orders of her boss.

To rejoin Frida, Santo supports a referendum for the annexation of the Italian side to Spain as well. After grotesque elections and an inspired speech in the city council, the measure passes. Too bad that Ernesto, with the excuse of avoiding the arrest of his councilors, with a night blitz sanctioned the counter-pass of his side to Italy.

We now have two opposing isolated enclaves, with no corridors to their respective states. The Spaniards wake up Italians without them knowing. In the ensuing chaos, Frida finally takes the initiative to fix the failing plans of the men around her: Villafuera will be the first city administered directly by the European Union, without belonging to any nation.

In Villafuera a path of emancipation of women takes place, from a mere object of desire to guide the destiny of the continent. It is the story of a transit from one impossible place to another that perhaps is not.


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